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Shampoo & Conditioner
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You have unique needs.
So does your hair.

HairRx is the perfect solution
to give you a Great Hair Day...
Every Day!

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How HairRx will identify the ideal formulas for you

What our customers say...

“I have a closet full of half-used products claiming to be the 'miracle solution' for my curly, frizzy hair. Now I can stop shopping for miracle products!”

― Aimee L.

“I've always had hard-to-control hair - the smallest bit of humidity would pop out the frizz. NO MORE! With your product, I made it through an entire summer without frizz.”

― Vicki W.

“I have thin hair and your product thickened it after ONE use! . . . Thank you for finally coming up with a product just for my crazy hair.”

― Deanna G.

“I have frizzy hair and your formula really tames my hair! I was using another well-known salon shampoo, but now feel that your formula performs much better!”

― Kathy S.

“This shampoo and conditioner set is very effective. I like how it compliments my hair and how you can really see a difference after just one use.”

― Morgan S.

“This Transformed My Hair! The scent is literally heaven in a bottle. It tames my frizz and I can really tell that it’s made for my hair. I will never be without this EVER!”

― Naomi C.

“Excellent. Leaves hair shiny, soft, and smells delightful.”

― Louise F.

"Professional Frizz-Taming Shampoo: A hairstylist's review . . . I was pleasantly surprised to find this shampoo actually did make a noticeable difference on the first use! My hair was noticeably smoother and softer, I couldn't deny that I saw immediate results in the frizz department. I was truly impressed."
"Professional Hydrating Conditioner: Very smoothing
I'm always looking for a smoothing conditioner that will keep my hair looking sleek and controlled all day, even in the worst humidity. After just a few days of use, I've noticed significant improvement in the look and texture of my hair. I also love the light jasmine scent. "
"Professional Nourishing Shampoo: Very Nice Performance and Fragrance
This shampoo works really well on my fine hair, leaving it soft and manageable. It goes on easily, with a little bit going a long way. It rinses clean and I really like the light jasmine fragrance. Great shampoo that smells nice (and is suitable for men or women) and makes my hair look and feel good. Thumbs up!"
"Professional Shine-Restoring Shampoo: Try it, You'll Like it!
Saying this is an amazing shampoo that does wonders for hair is sheer understatement. Hair after shampooing is soft, shiny, silky, and full of bounce and lift. I tried it because a fellow shopper at the supermarket who had beautifully shiny hair was raving to the checker about it. I can say that the shopper wasn't exaggerating, not a bit! "
"Professional Volumizing Conditioner: This works wonders
This product works wonders on lifeless limp hair. It is also great for thinning hair. A lot of these types of products claim to add volume and don't. This one really works as advertised and I definitely would recommend this product for people with fine or thin hair. "
"Professional Nourishing Oil: Lightweight, absorbs beautifully, helps a lot!
LOVE this stuff so much! My hair is quite dry . I've tried a variety of argan oil blends/brands, and this HairRx stuff is SO MUCH BETTER than all of them! This "Nourishing Oil" is very lightweight and applies evenly & beautifully. My hair feels light & bouncy afterward too, never heavy or oily. I can just smooth it on and off I go."
"Professional Revive & Protect Mist: Really works
I like all the HairRx products I have tried. This product does well to give your hair new life. I use this when I don't want to or have time to wash my hair (like late for work). I definitely will keep this product on rotation."
"Professional Volumizing Spray: Works well with my fine, limp and thinning hair.
My hair is fine and thinning and just doesn't have anything going for it these days. I tried HairRx Professional Volumizing Spray with hopes that it would help my hair look just a tiny bit better. It did! My hair has more volume and doesn't have that "plastered to my head" look any more. I am thrilled."

More reasons to love HairRx

  • Sulfate Free and Paraben Free

    Your hair deserves the best quality

  • No Animal Testing

    HairRx products are cruelty free.

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  • Answer a few questions about your hair care needs, and we’ll create your personal hair profile with the ideal shampoo and conditioner formulas for you.
Answer a few questions about your hair care needs, and we’ll create your personal hair profile with the ideal shampoo and conditioner formulas for you.