• Enjoy the convenience and luxury of having your very own personal hair salon. With professional-quality, finely tuned, goal-purposed HairRx shampoos and conditioners at your fingertips, you'll be ready to pamper your hair through any kind of weather, every season, and every mood.

    There's a HairRx solution for every primary hair care need: Volumize. Hydrate. Tame frizz. Define curls. Restore shine. Strengthen. Thicken. Nourish. Revitalize. And each shampoo and conditioner will be customized with your selected scent.

  • You can use any combination of these unique HairRx formulas as a follow-up application to enhance and boost the performance of any other shampoos and conditioners. Or, for optimum results, you can use the HairRx formulas straight out of the bottle.

    All HairRx formulas are sulfate free, paraben free, and safe for chemically treated hair. Select from 8 customized Home Hair Salon sets -- several of which also include a deluxe acrylic organizer and an ideal selection of HairRx styling and finishing products. Individual bottles are also available online on our SHOP page.