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Professional Curl-Defining Shampoo: Long Lasting Wave, Keeps Hair Tangle-Free
My wife has fairly long tangle-prone hair that can be challenging to manage, especially in hot and humid weather. . . . Not with HairRx Professional Curl-Defining Shampoo. It goes on smoothly while exuding a delightful jasmine scent. It also instantly detangled her hair and kept it smooth and shiny days after.

Professional Curl-Defining Conditioner: great jasmine scented conditioner - good for thick wavy hair
I have VERY thick, wavy hair which can curl and frizz in high humidity. I tried this conditioner today (the jasmine scent is so nice!) and just let my hair air dry. Was out and about all day in very humid conditions and my hair was the best it's been without additional help of styling mousse! I love it. My hair did not frizz and my hair was soft and moved well - in other words, didn't have sticky stuff on it like usual. This is a great conditioner.

Professional Frizz-Taming Shampoo: A hairstylist's review . . .
I was never someone who struggled with frizz until recently. . . I've used various products that help a bit, but I haven't been completely happy with them. I was pleasantly surprised to find this shampoo actually did make a noticeable difference on the first use! My hair was noticeably smoother and softer, I couldn't deny that I saw immediate results in the frizz department. I was truly impressed.

Professional Frizz-Taming Conditioner: Bye bye frizz!
I have frizzy hair, and it's been a struggle to find a product that would tame it without leaving it dull looking and grey. I think I may finally have found my answer. This conditioner leaves my hair frizz free, light and bouncy, no grease or dullness. The jasmine scent is just enough, not overpowering like some.

Professional Hydrating Shampoo: Leaves hair looking great, nice jasmine scent
I have normal to dry, somewhat frizzy hair that I abuse by coloring it and using a flatiron daily. So I am always looking for a good hydrating shampoo that will tame the frizz. After two weeks of use, I am very impressed. My hair feels great, looks sleek and shiny, and is behaving better than ever. I also like the feel of the shampoo while using it. Smells good, moderate amount of lather, and rinses out well.

Professional Hydrating Conditioner: Very smoothing
I live in a high-humidity area, and my hair is prone to a bit of frizziness with flyaways. I’m always looking for a smoothing conditioner that will keep my hair looking sleek and controlled all day, even in the worst humidity. This conditioner is very rich with a lot of seed butter and oil-type ingredients. These moisturizing ingredients don’t completely wash out. Instead, they stay on my hair to help smooth the hair and keep things in control all day. After just a few days of use, I’ve noticed significant improvement in the look and texture of my hair. I also love the light jasmine scent of this conditioner.

Professional Nourishing Shampoo: Very Nice Performance and Fragrance
This shampoo works really well on my fine hair, leaving it soft and manageable. It goes on easily, with a little bit going a long way. It rinses clean and I really like the light jasmine fragrance. Great shampoo that smells nice (and is suitable for men or women) and makes my hair look and feel good. Thumbs up!

Professional Nourishing Conditioner: No more frizz
I tried this conditioner in place of my usual hair mask. For the first time ever, my hair was smooth and shiny AFTER I brushed it. I will definitely continue to use this and plan to give the matching shampoo a try as well.

Professional Revitalizing Shampoo +SP (for Oily Scalps): Great for oily hair
First of all, I absolutely adore the smell of this shampoo. Second, this is effective at removing oil from hair; I've been using it as a clarifying shampoo to clean my hair as much as possible once or twice a month. It works very well for this and leaves my hair feeling really clean. It's not harsh, though, and doesn't strip the moisture from my hair. I love that it is sulfate and paraben free, so it doesn't leave any build-up in its wake.

Professional Shine-Restoring Shampoo: Try it, You'll Like it!
Saying this is an amazing shampoo that does wonders for hair is sheer understatement. Hair after shampooing is soft, shiny, silky, and full of bounce and lift. I tried it because a fellow shopper at the supermarket who had beautifully shiny hair was raving to the checker about it. When I saw its low price on Amazon, I was skeptical. But I can say that the shopper wasn't exaggerating, not a bit!

Professional Volumizing Shampoo +SP (for Oily Scalps): I love the smell and the texture of my hair after use
My new favorite shampoo! It smells so nice and leaves my hair feeling clean. During the summer my hair is weighted down by the humidity, and this shampoo leaves my hair with so much volume. It also keeps my hair from looking oily the next day.

Professional Volumizing Conditioner: This works wonders
This product works wonders on lifeless limp hair. It is also great for thinning hair. A lot of these types of products claim to add volume and don't. This one really works as advertised and I definitely would recommend this product for people with fine or thin hair.

Professional Curl Conditioner: Rejuvenates My Middle Age Dry Hair
I really like this curl conditioner. Not only does it smell great, but the formula works wonders on my middle-age dry hair. Just a pump or two makes my hair feel like it used to twenty years ago—more hydrated, less frizzy, and added shiny softness. . . . I’m impressed with the added definition and softer hair texture it provides. Even though Hair Rx labels this a curl conditioner, I think it would work great on any head of hair that needs a little more elasticity and hydration.

Professional Glossing Mist: nice shine without weighing it down
I added this to my hair (which is fine and shoulder length) and only did about three sprays, per the instructions - it's right before I'm about to wash it so it needs a little something to make it look shiny again, and this did the trick. It didn't add any weight to it or make it look oily (which is good), but it gives it a nice shine and makes it look much like it did when it was freshly washed and style. Some shine sprays leave it looking oily and split it up, not this one.

Professional Nourishing Oil: Lightweight, absorbs beautifully, helps a lot!
LOVE this stuff so much! Between the dry Phoenix air and regular drugstore-dye, my hair is quite dry . . . . I've tried a variety of argan oil blends/brands, and that new Elvive camellia/sunflower oil, and this HairRx stuff is SO MUCH BETTER than all of them! . . . This "Nourishing Oil" is very lightweight and applies evenly & beautifully. . . It instantly looks shiny & frizz-free without any grease! My hair feels light & bouncy afterward too, never heavy or oily. And it doesn't leave any residue on my hands, I can just smooth it on and off I go.

Professional Revive & Protect Mist: Really works
I like all the HairRx products I have tried. This product does well to give your hair new life. I use this when I don't want to or have time to wash my hair (like late for work). I spray it all over, and then brush. Brushing is the key to help it penetrate your locks and keep it from looking greasy in your hair. Sometimes I use a flat iron, and sometimes I let it go as is, depending on how it looks and time. I definitely will keep this product on rotation.

Professional Surf Spray: Worked well.
This spray enabled me to let my natural curl/wave dry naturally -- without the frizz or the awful crunchy feel that I've gotten with other sprays for this purpose. The scent was inoffensive, and I'd certainly recommend it to friends or family. If you like wearing your hair with a natural look, you'll certainly like it!

Professional Volumizing Spray: Works well with my fine, limp and thinning hair.
My hair is fine and thinning and just doesn't have anything going for it these days. Now that the weather has turned colder, it's getting even worse with the dry air and static. I tried HairRx Professional Volumizing Spray with hopes that it would help my hair look just a tiny bit better. It did! My hair has more volume and doesn't have that "plastered to my head" look any more. It seems to help with static and gives it an appearance of being a bit thicker. When I pair it with HairRx Professional Surf Spray, I have hair that looks pretty darn good. . . I am thrilled with the performance of the HairRx Professional Volumizing Spray. It has found a permanent spot on my hair care shelf along with the HairRx Professional Surf Spray! Two thumbs up!!!!