Aimee L.
I can't believe what a difference these products have made in the appearance & health of my hair! I have a closet full of half-used products claiming to be the "miracle solution" for my curly, frizzy hair. Now I can stop shopping for miracle products!!!

Deanna G.
I have thin hair and your product thickened it after ONE use! . . . Thank you for finally coming up with a product just for my crazy hair!!!!

Alexandra S.
After years of coloring and styling my hair, I was desperate for a shampoo and conditioner combo that would restore it back to health. . . . I am a total convert.

I've always had hard-to-control hair - the smallest bit of humidity would pop out the frizz. NO MORE! With your product, I made it through an entire summer without frizz.

I’ve been using this product for 3 months & love it! I have grey hair that is colored & bleached, & this is the first time it hasn't looked frizzy or damaged in years!

It’s like having new hair at 38 years old. I love how it makes my hair so smooth and soft. The Jasmine scent is the best!

Morgan S.
This shampoo and conditioner are very effective. I like how it compliments my hair and how you can really see a difference after just one use.

Kathy S.
I have frizzy hair and these products really tame my hair! I was using another “well-known” salon shampoo, but now feel that your formula performs much better!

Louise F.
Excellent. Leaves hair shiny, soft, and smells delightful.

Joy F.
After many attempts to tame my dry, overprocessed, frizzy, curly hair, I finally decided to invest in a product made just for me. . . . Your brand is worth every penny.

Life changing! I have struggled with thin hair my entire life. This is the first product that gives my hair true body & fullness without even having to tease my roots.

Eleni M.
My hair is thick, wavy, long & prone to dryness, and this product has hooked me up with better hair days that are long-lasting as a result of way less product in my hair.

Courtney K.
This product is amazing! My hair is naturally thin and dry, but this product has seriously been a life saver. My hair has never been this soft and my scalp is less dry.

Naomi C.
I've always had thick, frizzy, hard-to-manage hair, so I decided to try your brand and I'm happy I did! This transformed my hair! The scent is literally heaven in a bottle. It tames my frizz & I can really tell that it's made for my hair. I will never be without this EVER!"

Anonymous Birchbox Subscriber
This shampoo has a great scent and leaves my hair feeling soft! This shampoo is a great match for dry or normal hair. 5 stars!

Great scent and my hair felt healthier! My hair has been a bit dry lately, until I used this duo. Taming back the frizz!